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From Healthy snacks to Cupboard essentials, Queenswood offers a wide range of delicious options for everyone. 

Our products are sourced from quality suppliers and get quality checked and packed in our distribution centre in the South-West to ensure satisfaction in every bite!


Snacking doesn't have to be unhealthy. So instead of going without until your next meal, you can substitute your usual snack for our low-fat, salt and sugar alternatives, ensuring your body gets what it needs and you don't become hangry.


We have an extensive range of natural snacking goodies, from delicious yoghurt-coated banana chips to tangy goji berries. We have something for everybody!

From delicious chocolate-coated peanuts to spicy Bombay mix, Queenswood has a large selection of naturally naughty snacks to satisfy your cravings.

Everyone deserves to treat themselves every so often, and with our selection of delicious snacks will keep you going until your next meal, and help you get through a long day. 

Queenswood has a large selection of products to stock up your cupboard. From flour to rice, we stock core ingredients for every dish to get you through the week!

Whether you're baking cakes, having dinner, or just looking to stock up on those essentials, our carefully selected products come from the best source so you know they're quality assured. 





Our range of breakfast products will brighten up your mornings! From simple oats to something more, such as our Cranberry Delight Muesli, there's a choice for everyone!

Or simple breakfast options are fantastic to make your way, and if you're looking for excitement to wake you up, look no further! 

Our healthy solutions can kickstart your day



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