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For nearly 20 years Sambazon has worked diligently to introduce the world to the magic of the Açaí berry, possibly the world’s most powerful superfood. At its simplest, Açaí (AH-SIGH-EE) is a fruit that grows naturally in the palm trees of the Brazillian Amazon, the most bio-diverse ecosystem on the planet. Açaí has an exotic purple berry taste with notes of chocolate and can be served with organic granola, banana slices and toppings of your choice.

Each Açaí bowl sold not only helps to boost health with powerful antioxidants and omegas, but also helps to preserve the Amazon rainforest and the families that farm there.

Sambazon’s founders fell in love with the Amazon which is why our Açaí is always fair trade, non-gmo, gluten-free, vegan and organic. These guiding principles have helped us bring next level of nutrition to the world while supporting the environmental and social well-being of the Brazilian Amazon and its people.

To date, our triple bottom line business model which measures success socially, environmentally and economically, has been able to protect 2.5 million acres of the Amazon Rainforest, provide income for 30,000 small family farmers and build schools and hospitals for the communities we work in. In addition to this, 5% of all our fruit costs go back into the Amazon to build schools and hospitals in order to support the community further.

Blend delicious Sambazon smoothies and Açaí bowls with Original or Pure Açaí packs, or use the new ready to eat, scoopable Açaí for quick serve, simply scoop and top!