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Naturita was founded in 2012 by Robbie Safadi. Naturita is the new born of a fruitful love story that leads to marriage. Robbie who has worked in the Health Food industry for several years met the nutritionist/dietitian Rita and thought of a brand that may launch their views on healthy living to the world.

His choice fell on the Pink Himalayan Salt. To indulge his love, he decided to name the product NATURITA after Rita.

Today, NATURITA is considered a necessity in the world of health and healthy lifestyles because of its benefits and richness. It contains 84 minerals and aids in muscular health, supports healthy lungs and respiratory function, promotes a stable and a PH balance. In addition, it reduces the signs of aging, promotes healthy sleepy patterns and prevents muscle cramps. It lowers blood pressure, improves circulation and detoxifies the body of heavy metals.

NATURITA is present in 2 different granule sizes, Fine (Blue Packaging)- and Coarse (Green Packaging).

NATURITA is only found in 1 kg to aid you in your domestic use, whether in cooking- eating- or bathing.

Robbie’s ambition is to continuously head towards being good to the planet and promotes healthy options to mankind.

To find out more about NATURITA, please visit their website at and do not forget to grab yourself  50% off the range this December exclusively with Queenswood Natural Foods.

NATURITA wishes you happy holidays. Let there be work, bread, water and Pink Himalayan Salt for all!