Supplier of the month


Tipped to be the hottest ticket item in the food section this decade, Cocavo is a world first blending a combination of the very best avocado and extra virgin coconut oils.

A premium product using only fresh ingredients, it is raw, cold pressed, additive free, cholesterol free, GM-free and contains no contaminants or trans fats. Containing high levels of mono-saturated fat, vitamin E and plant steroids, it is tagged as “The worlds healthiest coconut oil blend”. With less saturated fat than other coconut oils, the benefits of avocado oil and all the cooking and health qualities of both.

Originating from New Zealand and designed by chefs, the very high smoke point makes it ideal for cooking and lends itself to a wide variety of cooking styles; its delicate taste enhancing food flavours. Suitable for vegetarian and vegan cooking.

For further information about Cocavo please visit their website – and don’t forget to grab an exclusive 25% off this April.