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Happy Butter

Happy Butter was started in 2016 after a decision to make the leap from cooking homemade Ghee for the family to producing it commercially. Originally Rupert was searching for food that could improve Kate’s Thyroid health and had read that using vegetable, nut and seed oils in high temperature cooking could become harmful to health and started making ghee to replace them with. The overarching view being that food is medicine and the intake of healthy nutritious food promotes a healthy body. After conducting a blind taste against several available brands, we found ours to be the tastiest.

But we’re not biased. In 2017, our ghee achieved 2 gold stars in the Great Taste awards making Happy Butter Ghee the Tastiest Ghee available in the UK! Our Golden Turmeric Ghee was crowned Champion Dairy Product in the Taste of the West Awards.

Our most important step was becoming Soil Association certified as we have only ever and will only ever use Organic Butter for making our Ghee. This is a strong value for us, as we believe that Organic Dairy farming systems protect the welfare of the beautiful Cows that in turn makes us the most delicious ingredients.

As well as our original Organic Ghee we make Organic Golden Turmeric Ghee. This has been designed by us and is a unique product that we are very proud of. Having all the benefits of ghee plus the benefits of Turmeric. The primary active ingredient in Turmeric is Curcumin which is fat soluble making it work in perfect synergy with the ghee.  It is very versatile for everyday cooking; it can also be used to make a golden milk or Turmeric latte.